Learn what makes des moines great.

I help clients buy and sell homes in Des Moines and its suburbs

Des Moines Communities

As a resident of the area for over 3 decades, I’m an expert on the Des Moines metro. I love sharing my knowledge with clients.

The metro has a fantastic education system for students of all ages. It maintains plenty of green space and public parks, which residents enjoy during warmer months. When the weather gets dicey, there’s still plenty to enjoy.  The Des Moines area has art and history museums, indoor activities, and first-rate dining options to satisfy any craving.

Des Moines has grown in popularity for its low cost of living and high quality of life. There’s a neighborhood for everyone, whether you’re hunting for a quiet retreat in the suburbs or a bustling downtown residence.

Residents are proud members of their communities and welcome newcomers with open arms. The city hosts numerous extracurriculars encouraging community involvement and fostering a friendly atmosphere. Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for, there is a place for you in Des Moines.